Age - 63
Gender - Male
Graduation - The Medical college Kolkata, West Bengal
Post Graduation - The Medical college Kolkata West Bengal
Diploma - Not Available
Fellowships - 1) Hon. Fellows of Indian college of Pathology – year 1997 2) Fellows of Royal Society of Tropical medicine & hygiene UK – year 1993
Memberships - 1) Fellow of Royal Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene –U.K (1983),- 2) Life Member of Indian Science Congress Association (1993). 3) Member of Indian Association of Pathologists & Microbiologists, India. Presently acting as one of Excutive members of IAPM (WB Chapter). 4) Ex-Member of Indian Medical Association (IMA) and hold port folio of “PRESIDENT” of South Howrah Branch, of IMA, West Bengal for the years 1994,1995,19961997,1998,1999, 2000 and also was elected as State Council Member of IMA-Bengal State Branch (2000-2001). 5] Member of International Academy of Pathology (Indian Division) (1995). 6) Life Member of Eastern Astronomical Research Society (1997). 7) Life Member of the Medical College Ex-Students Association, Kolkata (1996). 8) Member of West Bengal Society of Hematology and Blood Transfusion, West Bengal. 9) Member of Indian Society of Hematology and Blood Transfusion (ISHBT)-NOT Continued further. 10) Member of American Association for Advancement for Science (The Science journal) USA. 11) Member of www. Nobel (2006) 12) Indian member of RAFT (Russian, American & French Tele-pathology) histopathology forum of Basel University, Sweden (since 2006) 13)Member of International pathology (i. path) and Pathology India forum Patho 14) Established Member of British American Dutch Astronomy & universe Today Forum of USA, Now renamed as “Cosmoquest Forum ”. 15) Member of Astronomy of UK 16) Member of Astronomy Forum Net of USA 17) Member of International pathology (i.path) and Pathology India forum. 18) Life Member of Association of Health Services Doctors ,West Bengal (1987). 19) Member of the Scholar one & Royal Society Publishing of London Scholar one, since January [2010] and of Biology Letter, Proceedings of Royal Society-B. 20] Member of work network. 21] Life Member of Progressive Doctor Association And Vice President of School of Tropical Medicine Branch) since2012 22] Life member of Socity of Tropical Medicine and Infectious Diseases in India from-2012 23] L. Member of International Peace Burea (IPB); Indian-West Bengal Branch)
Others - Not Available
Experience - 35 years & 06 months
Speciality - Pathology
About me - He has more than 256 citations references of his published articles in International Journals; MD/ MS Thesis of WBUHS / or University of Calcutta and in books chapters by various international authors. He owns a blog in his name at Google blogs spot with more than 221 posts by himself and his Associate authors . Average viewers of his free blogs articles published are 90000 every year from all over the world. He was recipient of several (09) Medals, Prizes of University of Calcutta, 94 Certificates of merits, and Medals of college, and of various academic bodies, organizations and many Guest speakers, Chairpersons , Judges of free and award papers presentation certificates including certificate of his excellences. He is recipient of “Rashtriya Gaurav Award of India” (conferred to him 2016 August) and ”Glory of India Award” (conferred 2016 October), Bharat Ratna Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Award for Excellence in Astronomy, Theoretical physics (conferred 2017 January); Mother Teresa Peace Prize (conferred 2017 May); Mahatma Gandhi Excellence award (conferred 4th October 2017) from India International Friendship Society (IIFS) of New Delhi, India, and Bangkok Thailand in 2016 and 2017. He was awarded Best Citizen of India award ( 2017) He is selected for Rashtriya Pratibha( for most Talented Personality in India) Award of Indo Socio Development Association( March 2018) ; He was Selected for I-Proclaim Annual Research Awards - 2017 as Lifetime Achievement (Awards for Publication Excellence) in Medical Sciences & Lifetime Achievement (Awards for Publication Citation) Medical Sciences at Kuala lumPur From ABC Malaysia (He Did not receive that ). International Accreditation Authority( IAA Education India Summit & Awards - New delhi)for best faculty award ( January 2018 ) (but he declined to receive that). He was awarded EET CRS 3rd South Asian Education Award 2018 “Best Faculty Award”. He was awarded for “Life Time Achievement award of IARDO” kota 2018. He Has been Awarded the “Distinguished Researchers award 2018” of International institute of Organized Research of Chandigarh. He has been awarded “the Excellence of Pathology” award-2019 of Venus International Medical awards (VIMA) of Venus international foundation Chennai at 2nd international Medical summit in hotel park hyatt Chennai in April2019 “ He has been nominated for Right livelihood award- (Alternative Nobel prize) 2018-2021 by Adam Mc.Beth of Right Livelihood foundation Geneva. He has been nominated for Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum knowledge award (2018) of Government of AUE, SIAA-2019 award of ASDF (Association of Scientists, Developers and Faculties) and Bharat Gaurav award-2019 of Bharat Gaurav Foundation. He has been nominated for IERP Special category “Life Time Achievment award” of International Society for Contemporary Medical Research (ISfCMR) . He was nominated for the highest Awards( special Endowment Medal) like “Coates Medal” of University of Calcutta ( year 1999-2000); “Ranbaxy Research Award ( 2011)” ; “Padmashree”- Indian highest CivilianCivil national award; BMJ Best Research Award and LaL Bahadur Shastri National Award ( in 2017). He applied and was officially nominated before the selection and search committees for the Prestigious Posts of “The Director of All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi (in year 2013 & in year 2016); Director of Medical Education Services of West Bengal State [ WBMES cadre] (in 2017 ) and Vice chancellor of WBUHS (in year 2012) West Bengal. He is member or life member of many ( 30) international organizations and acted as nominator for the Nobel Prizes; member of the Royal Swedish academy of Sciences; member & nominator for Kavoli foundations, Norway, for Theoretical physics; nominator for BMJ best awards; Eppendorf Ependroff prize of American Association for Advancement of Science; Nature Networks community member of Nobel Peace Prize Forum, Oslo; member of International Peace Bauru (Indian Division); Nominator for Emeritus Professor of National Board of Examinations New Delhi; Community Members of “The Guardian” Newspaper UK; World literature Today; OutLook India; Open magazine DISQUES; Wall Street Journal USA; member of cosmoquest forum org; BAD Astronomy and Universe Today USA, Plos one; Faculty Rows USA as Super Professor; RAFT (I path) to name a few such. He acted as external peer reviewer or Associate Editor or Editorial Board members of many International journals of high repute for Biomedical Sciences including of Pathology and Thesis guide, Adjudicators, Paper setters, External / Internal examiner of DM/ Mch / MD/DCP/PhD/MBBS courses of WBUHS and other many universities of the country India outside the state of West Bengal. He was the member and Member Secretary of Board of Studies( BOS) of WBUHS both for UG and PG courses in pathology. He is the eldest son of Late Mr. Bholanath Bhattacharya B. Com (honors) University of Calcutta; FCA; SAS ( 1926-2009) and Late Mrs. Bani Bhattacharya (1935-2006) of 7/51 Purbapalli, P.O: Sodepur, Dist.24 Parganas (North), Kolkata-110 West Bengal and father of Miss Upasana Bhattacharya who is also his co authors in almost all publications. His spouse is Mrs. Sumita Bhattacharya BSc; MBA now a Ph.D scholar at JIS University, Agarpara west Bengal in the management science- Aguest Faculty there and EX- employee ( retired] of LIC India. He lives presently at mahamayatala Garia Kolkata-700084
About Clinic/Department/Website/Company - About the Institution [] Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine (CSTM), is one of the seven such Institutions dedicated to research, care and cure of tropical diseases. CSTM was founded by Sir Leonard Rogers way back in 1914. The corridors of CSTM had regular footfall of eminent researchers like Leonard Rogers, Ronald Ross, R Knowels, UN Brahmachari, JB Chatterjee, RN Chopra and many others. The foundation stone of the Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine was laid by the Governor. Lord Carmichael in the year 1914 on 24th February at the initiative of Sir Leonard Rogers. The School started functioning independently in its own building in 1921 with Lt. Col. JWD Megaw as the first Director, the first batch of students obtaining their Diploma in Tropical Medicine (DTM) in 1922. It is the only institution in India engaged exclusively in research, Post-graduate education and healthcare for tropical diseases. Basically, the objectives have remained uncharged and the school provides facilities for research, post-graduate teaching, training, investigation and treatment in tropical diseases. Presently the institute is under West Bengal University of Health Sciences that governs all the medical colleges in the state of West Bengal. The hospital section of the institute is known as Carmichael Hospital for Tropical Diseases The Institute possesses a Centre of Excellence where advanced research is going on HIV/HBV Co-infection and Hepatitis B anti-viral therapy. As a landmark of the centenary program, the institute welcomes Dr. Niranjan Bhattacharya, a renowned scientist in the field of Stem Cell Research, to run a new department under name Regenerative Medicine and Translational Science, the first of its kind in India, where many eminent scientists from all over the world expressed their willingness to collaborate with this department and teach the students.
Hobbies - Publications Physics/ Particle Physics/, Theoretical Physics/, Space Sciences, Astronomy / Astrophysics/ Astrobiology with his twin sibling brothers Mr.Rupak Bhattachrya, Mr. Ritwick Bhattacharya , his sister Mrs Dalia Mukherjee and his only daughter Miss Upasana Bhattacharya under his own Intellectual Property Rights
Social Service - Free Hospital Services for low socioeconomic class people
Previous Awards - 1)“Prof. B.K.Aikat Award, The Best award in histopathology of Indian Association of Pathologists& Microbiologists (West Bengal chapter) in the year ,1994. 2 ) & 3)“Prof. S.K. Mukherjee Award,” of the Medical College Ex-Students Association, kolkata, 62nd (1996) and 63 rd (1997)Reunion &Scientific Session of the Association 4) Deer Prize’’ in Clinical Medicine, of the Medical College &Hospitals, Kolkata (1980 5) “Prof.K.Ghosh. Memorial Gold Medal [2000], of Indian Association of Surgeons,( West Bengal Chapter) Along with Dr. Utpal Dey, Asst. Prof. Dept. of Surgery, at that time at Bankura Sammilani Medical College, Bankura, W.B. (2000) Prof. Sugary at Bankura sammilani MCH for the Paper VolVulas 6)”Nadia Award” of Indian Association of Surgeons (W.B.chapter,), as co-author, along with Dr. Utpal Dey, for the best paper publication in Ind.J. Surgery (2002) 7) Was nominated for “Coates Medal” of University of Calcutta for the year 1999. By the Principal And college council of Bankura Sammilani Medical College, Bankura, West Bengal under Office of Principal Memo no BSMC/ 2046/ Dt 20.6.2000---Not awarded {Attested Xerox of Nomination sent by principal Enclosed}. 8) Was a Competitor for Dr. K.C Basu Mallick [a National award for best original Research over India in all Specialties of Pathology, Microbiology, Cytology, Genetics for 2002]- Not awarded & presented the paper finally in Free paper Session. 9) Was Nominated for the Padmasree award of Government of India [2011] by the Director of IPGME&R, Kolkata-20 before the DME govt of west Bengal, for his nomination to government of West Bengal in the year 2010 by letter under director IPGME&R office memo no Institute /1138/2010 dated 7.06.2010 recived by DME office swasthyaBhavan on dated 17.06.2010 10) Was Nominated for the Ranbaxy Award for best Clinical Research & Medical Research 2010 by Prof Hiranmoy Mukherjee MD(cal);PhD(cal), Ex-Profesor & Head of Medical Entemology of Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine.The official Nominator of The Ranbaxy award 10) Was Nominated for BMJ Best award “ Oscar in Medicine”(2014) In Best Published Research paper award category & Best Health care improvement of a country category- failed to pass in 2nd screening 11) Received “ Rashtriya Gaurav award “ of India International Friendship Society New Delhi on 13th August 2016 12) Selected For “ Glory of India award” of India International Friendship Society on 4th October 2016 held at Bangkok Thiland 13) Received “ Bharat Ratna Dr .APJ abdul Kalam award “ of India International Freindship Society New Delhi -2017 january 14th- recived it on 27th May 2017 14) Had been Nominated For “ Lal bahadur Shastri National award-2017 ” for Administration Education and management and sent CV Last date of Nomination is 31st march 2017 15) Awarded Mother Teresa excellence awards for peace -2017 of India International Friendship Society New Delhi on 27th May 2017 16) Awarded Mahatma Gandhi Excellence Award for Peace -2017 of India International Friendship Society New Delhi awarded On 4th October 2017 17) Proclaim research award -2017( ara-2017) -3rd annual research award for best publications and google citations awarded to Prof. Dr Pranab Kumarbhattacharya MD (university of calcutta) as life time achievement awards lifetime achievement (awards for publication excellence) & lifetime achievement (awards for publication citation) by ABC Malaysia 18) Received Rashtriya Pratibha Award ( for Talented Personality of India] of Indo Socio Development Association New Delhi on 13th march 2018 [ ][] 19) Received The Best Faculty Award of EETCRS 3rd south asian Education award Held at Hederabad India on 18th march 2018 20) Awarded for “Life Time Achievement award of IARDO” kota new delhi (Multi Diciplinary Resreach and latest Innovation organized by International Association of Research and developed Organisation (IARDO) 2018. 21) Awarded the “Distinguished Researchers award 2018” of International institute of Organised Research of Chandigarh 22) Awarded “ the Excellence of Pathology” award-2019 of Venus International Medical awards (VIMA) of Venus international foundation chennai at 2nd international Medical suumit in hotel park hyatt chennain in April2019 23 ] He has been nominated for Right livelihood award- (Alternative Nobel prize) 2018-2021 by Adam Mc. Beth of Right Livelihood foundation Geneva. 24) He has been nominated for Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum knowledge award (2018) of Government of AUE, Nominated for Global Achivement-2019 award of ASDF ( Association of Scientists, Developers and Faculties) and Bharat Gaurav award-2019 25) He has been nominated for IERP Special category “Life Time Achievement award” of International Society for Contemporary Medical Research (ISfCMR)
National Publications - National Publications – 100
International Publications - International Publications – 205 [Total Number of Publications as Published articles are 305 at present, of which, during In the Lancet-[13] as your’s comment,In the Lancet Oncology-[03] as your’s comment, In the BMJ-[38 ] as Rapid Responses Published ie E letter, In BMJ Open-01 as E letter Published; In BMJ Group Blogs-[07 ] as Rapid Responses Published, IN BMJ case Report [03]; In JCP of BMJ Group Journals –[03] as published E letter to editor; In JCI-[01] as E letter; In New England J. Medicine- [02], Now @ Nejm -02; In Annals of Internal Medicine, of American College of Physician-[08] as published E –letter to the Editor, In Archives of Internal Medicine of JAMA –[01] as Published E. letter; JAMA [03] as responses; In Annals of Tropical Medicine And Hygene USA –[ 05 ] as Original(03) / Review (01)/ Editorial commentary article (01); In The Blood of American Society of Hematology [-01] as published E Letter ; In Journal of Clinical Investigations [ -01] as E letters ; in JAMA -03 as Response, In NEJM Blog@ Now -02 In Nature News-[ 24 ] as Published comments, In Nature preceding [-06] as original paper ; in International Journal of Clinical pathology (01) as Editorial In The Science Insider of USA [-07] as published comments; In The Science News-[10] as published comments, In Science Now of [-01]; In Scienceray—[02] as Published Response ;NASA Enginner-01 as Comments ; In PLos One- 01 as Published Comment In Plos Blogs-01; In PLOS Neglected Tropical Disease [02] In Revista Da Sociedadae Brasileria De Medicina Tropical (02] as letter to editor ; In Revista De Clinica-[01] as letter to Editor In Annals of Tropical Medicine & Hygene USA -03 as Published Review(01) and Editorial article In Indexed in Index Medicas/ Indian National Body Journals- Presently-14, Previously-07 (Total Publication-21] including in Bull WHO-01 as original papers. In Bull.RGKMC [Bulletin R.G Kar Medical college]- total publications -35, in Bulletin School of Tropical Medicine, Kolkata-[ total -07] .In International Journal of Clinical Pathology (02) As Editorial and Original Besides all these, there are many papers Published are in Abstract form and proceedings form of National level / West Bengal State level Academic organisations conferences or in Blogs at, Science Blogs of the science AAAS USA , which are not Included here} or Blogs of Professor Pranab kumar Bhattacharya MD(Calcutta Univ)Pathology at Google -Total Topic published in Theoretical physics, Astronomy,& in Medicine at Blog under IPR copy Right of Prof P,K Bhattacharya -211 – Total viewers 1 ,15,097 since 2012 to march 2019 ; Citation Reference of this Blogs in Cyclopedia Net in,in Books of space Science and in International Astronomy journals of High Repute
Books - Not Available
Other Publications - Blogs of Professor(Dr.) Pranab Kumar Bhattacharyya MD(calcutta.Univ) Pathology; Blogson TheoreticalPhysics;Astronomy; MedicalSciences,Pathology; etc.All contents,words, Syllables &;Scientificallymeaning ful sentences of all blogsposted are Strictly Copy Righted material to ProfDr Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya under IPR Copy Right Acts sections-306/301/3D/107/1012/ RDF and Protect Intellectual Property Right ACT of USA-2012. Don't try to infringe, to avoid huge civil/criminal proceedings in IPR Court: Acknowledgement for all my blogs to my Spouse Mrs Sumita Bhattach